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Intelligent Networking

Automation without software? Unthinkable. Smart grids without IT? Impossible.  Industry 4.0 is a software-driven environment – marked by machine-to-machine communication and an increasingly complex network – all with the goal of making industrial processes more responsive, efficient, and flexible.

The industrial world is swiftly changing – engineers, developers, production planners and production specialists, maintenance technicians, and service providers need to digitalize their processes. An unbroken digital value-adding chain is an essential prerequisite for staying afloat in today’s dynamic manufacturing environment.

Digital Factory at HANNOVER MESSE is your key hub for the factory of the future. Don’t get left behind.

Display Categories at a Glance

Virtual product development (CAx)
From CAD for Mechanics through electronic CAD to simulation

Additive manufacturing
Systems for 3D printing

Product life cycle management (PLM)
Management of data and processes – from requirements to recycling

Industrial Security
Security appliances for industrial network & systems

Process, product, and system data in 2D, 3D, and virtual reality

Supply chain management (SCM)
Intelligent SCM solutions for the efficient integration of suppliers

Industrial customer relationship management (CRM)
Best ways to manage business relationship with customers, clients, partners and prospects

Big Data Management in industry
Artificial intelligence, independent data interchange, software’s and solutions

Virtual commissioning, offline programming and set-up
Reduced downtime and machine set-up times, higher process reliability

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
Software and solutions for order processing, logistics, planning of all company resources

Manufacturing execution systems – (MES)
Production management, production control systems, and machine data

Machine Learning (KI)
Enable predictions to be made based on large amounts of data. This branch of artificial intelligence is able to independently draw knowledge from experience.

Why Participate?

Running alongside concurrent trade show IAMD, Digital Factory provides both a targeted exhibition experience and an opportunity to take advantage of the synergy of crossover technology, increased relevant attendee foot traffic, and the resulting comprehensive venue for the entire industry.

Digital Factory 2017 featured:

  • 95% trade visitors
  • Over 590 exhibitors
  • More than 1,600 products displayed
  • More than 300 events

Become an Exhibitor

April 1 - 5, 2019
Hannover, Germany
Hannover Exhibition Grounds

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