The Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) division of Hannover Fairs USA assists U.S. companies with their expansion strategy in Northern Germany. Our services include:

  • Matchmaking with potential buyers, sales agents, distributors, multipliers and associations
  • Tailored market research and product potential analysis
  • Local sales force development
  • Guidance on federal and state investment incentives and grants
  • Office space and administrative support

Niedersachsen is a place that, like few others, combines dynamic economic growth with a focus on future-oriented sectors and an exceedingly high quality of life. This gives companies two key advantages: Consistent development and networking of scientific and economic potential opens up entrepreneurial perspectives for companies; on the other hand, the wide range of leisure activities, cultural highlights and attractive landscapes provide an environment in which people work efficiently.

Niedersachsen’s Industry Clusters

Trade Fairs and Event Marketing

Hanover is a well-tried and established location for international trade fairs. Niedersachsen’s state capital is therefore an ideal platform for companies from around the world: whether as an exhibitor or visitor, Hanover’s trade fair calendar is packed full of opportunities for generating contacts, extending networks and initiating business. Click here for an overview of Deutsche Messe AG events.


Mobility (Automotive, Aerospace, Aviation)

Niedersachsen is a top location for mobility. A number of global, renowned heavyweights operate from Niedersachsen. This includes international leader Volkswagen AG and the extensive network of suppliers in the automotive sector; the aviation industry with Airbus, CFK Stade and Brunswick Research Airport; and the logistics sector with the Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven and the new seaports on the coast of Niedersachsen. Take advantage of the existing, top-notch infrastructure, functioning networks and industry-specific research and development facilities. Click here for further information.




If you are a company in the energy industry with aspirations to be a leader and wish to take advantage of current developments relating to the transformation of the energy system, Niedersachsen is the ideal place. That’s because you will find an infrastructure here that creates opportunities for you: we have consistently developed renewable energy sources, provide a wide range of power plants for every form of energy and have established an efficient, interdisciplinary energy research program. Click here for further information.



Food Production

Niedersachsen is the leader in Germany’s agricultural sector. In 2013 the proportion of all agricultural revenue in Germany attributable to the region was an impressive 22%. More than 50% of Niedersachsen’s land area is used by around 39,500 businesses – and that is why the food sector is such an attractive prospect for suppliers and investors, because the future looks appealing with the exciting challenges that lie ahead.

A look into the past shows the speed with which productivity has improved in the sector: while a farmer fed ten people in 1950, the figure today is 120. Progress in rearing animals and growing crops and the drastic increase in labor productivity are key factors in this development. Click here for further information.



Life Science and Health

Progress in medical technology is characterized by shorter innovation cycles and quickening pace. As a company in this sector, setting up your business here will enable you to benefit from the excellent existing resources in the areas of therapy, technology and research. Niedersachsen’s strengths lie in hearing research, implant research and biomedical technology as well as infection research, veterinary medicine and neurological research – disciplines that produce synergies in shared networks and lead to the development of a high degree of innovative strength. Click here for further information.



Maritime Industry

The maritime economy employs more than 40,000 people in 900 companies and its numerous sectors are a significant factor for the state of Niedersachsen. With an high level of commitment, we make sure that we create clear prospects and good underlying conditions for companies in these sectors. In the process, we involve research organizations such as the Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment and the Maritime Centre of Excellence in Elsfleth as training locations. After all, Germany’s top region for shipbuilding cannot afford to miss out on highly qualified young talent. Click here for further information.



Aryan Zandieh
USA Representative of the German Federal State of Niedersachsen
Phone: +1 (312) 805-8740
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